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Solutions for Tomorrow's Emergencies,


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Throughout our combined 38 years of law enforcement and tactical medical experience, we’ve seen that preparation and training are key to achieving a successful outcome when unforeseen emergencies occur.


Our Emergency Action Plan (EAP) provides businesses with a top-to-bottom security audit that addresses multiple levels of emergency management, resulting in a functional handbook specially designed to meet your needs.

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With our experience and tactical knowledge, we’ll equip you with the best situational awareness and useful, effective training. Courses use realistic moulage combined with conditions that closely duplicate real-world scenarios and injuries.


Training is archived and course completion results in either an approved document from a nationally-recognized organization or our proprietary SMES certification.

About SMES

SMES is a veteran owned small business specializing in all aspects of emergency preparedness.

Whether it’s evaluating a business location with our exclusive Emergency Action Plan (EAP) or instructing classes on emergency medicine, SMES is proud to be a local resource that enhances emergency and tactical preparedness all across East Tennessee.

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